The ninth meeting of the Task Force was held on the 25th-26th March, in Madrid, Spain.

Background documents for the EPMAN and TRFN meeting are posted on this page

Presentations & Documents

Presentations from the meeting can be found here.

Electronic version of 'Options for Ammonia Abatement: Guidance from the UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen', which was distributed at the meeting.

Overall Programme

A number of additional workshops and panel meetings were held during the week. The overall programme is shown below.


Monday 24th

Tuesday 25th

Wednesday 26th

Thursday 27th


INMS Proposal Discussion Meeting





EPNB workshop: Training on national dynamic N budgets


INMS (with a focus on European demonstration areas).





No meetings.


TFRN-9 Outline Agenda

EPMAN Agenda (March 24th PM) 

INMS Agenda (March 24th)

EPNB-10 Agenda (26th March PM)

Background documents


UNECE Framework code for good agricultural practice for reducing Ammonia

The Expert Panel on the Mitigation of Agricultural Nitrogen (EPMAN), have been revising the UNECE FRAMEWORK CODE FOR GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICEFOR REDUCING AMMONIA. The latest revision was discussed at both the EPMAN and TFRN meetings. Documents below are the latest revisions by section (prior to TFRN-9).


Housing for Cattle and Poultry

Housing for Pigs

Manure Application

Stores (slurry)



Farm Budgets (will be posted when available)

EU Clean Air Policy Package 

The TFRN discussed the EU Clean Air Policy Package and links to the LRTAP Convention, to provide feedback to the process.

Background information on the process can be found at:

Introductory information

Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants and amending Directive 2003/35/EC can be downloaded in english here and the annexes here. Other language versions can be downloaded from this link.


Framework code documents (see above).

Document 'Links to the IRPP BREF revision and Guidance document on preventing and abating ammonia emissions from agricultural sources (GP Guidebook)' was discussed at the meeting.