TFRN-10 Meeting, April 2015, Lisbon

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The tenth meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen was held in Lisbon on the 29th and 30th April, 2015. The plenary meeting was held on the 29th April, followed by panel meetings on the 30th, with a final plenary session on the 30th late afternoon.

The agenda for TFRN meeting is provided below, and where available links to the presentations are provided.

Plenary Meeting, Wednesday 29th April

Session 1: Introduction & Updates [2 hrs]

  • Welcome - Prof. Claudia Cordovil, University of Lisbon
  • Opening address from the Chair of the Executive Body of the LRTAP Convention: Anna Engleryd, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.
  • TFRN past achievements and future challenges, Mark Sutton & Tommy Dalgaard
  • Reports from the panels:
    • EPMAN, Shabtai Bittman, Canadian Dept Agriculture (pdf)
    • EPNB, Wilfried Winiwarter, IIASA, Austria (pdf)
    • EPNF, Henk Westhoek, PBL, Netherlands (pdf)
    • EPN-EECCA, Natalia Kozlova, IEEP & Sergei Lukin, All-Russian Research Institute of Organic Fertilizers and Peat, Russian Federation (pdf)

Session 2: International activities [1.5hrs]

  • Report from the Towards INMS workshop (27th and 28th), Mark Sutton (pdf to follow)
  • Assessing NUE in food system, an indicator to be used by policy and practice, a project of the ‘EU Nitrogen Expert Panel’, Christian Pallière (pdf)
  • Critical remarks on the revision of the EC IRPP BREF and its relationship to the UNECE ammonia guidance, Gabriele Wechsung (pdf)
  • European Union – needs and progress regarding the NECD revision (short oral update from Mark Sutton – no pdf available)
  • Nitrogen monitoring activities in support of the Black Sea convention, Sergei Medinets (pdf)
  • Nutrient use efficiency: a valuable approach to benchmark the sustainability of nutrient use in global livestock production? Aimable Uwizeye (pdf)

Session 3: National case studies [total 1.5 hrs]

  • Nitrogen management in Denmark, Tommy Dalgaard (pdf)
  • Nitrogen challenges in Central Asia – experiences linking the Air and Water Convention  from the UNECE Secretariat, Alisher Mamadzhanov (pdf)
  • Towards a new national nitrogen strategy for Germany,  Markus Geupel (pdf)
  • Rational Nitrogen Fertilization Plans for selected crops in dry and wet regions of Turkey, Theodore Karyotis (pdf)

Session 4: Development of the TFRN Work Plan for 2015-2017 [1hr]

Also provided was presentation from David Gourley about the 7th International Nitrogen Conference (INI 2016) to be held in Melbourne (pdf)

Expert Panels and Closing Plenary, Thursday 30th April

Short feedback from the expert panels

  • Report from EPMAN (no pdf)
  • Report from EPNB (pdf)
  • Report from EPNF (pdf)
  • Report from EPN EECCA (no pdf)

The afternoon finished with a plenary session taking on board the outcomes from the Expert Panel meetings.


Session 5a:EPMAN


Session 5b:EPNB


No meeting




Session 5a:EPMAN


Session 5b:EPNB


Session 5c:EPNF




Session 5a:EPMAN


Session 6b: EPN-EECCA


No meeting




Session 7:TFRN Closing Plenary [1hr]

The TFRN-10 was immediately preceded on 27th and 28th April, by the plenary meeting of the 'Targeted Research for improving understanding of the Global Nitrogen Cycle towards the establishment of an International Nitrogen Management System' (Towards INMS) project, which is currently in its 'Project Preparation Grant' (PPG) phase. Further information on the 'Towards INMS' meeting can be found at the 'Towards INMS' website, at with an agenda of the meeting found at here.

A link to the agenda for EPNB-12 can be downloaded from the EPNB page at .

The outline of meetings for the week is shown below.



27 April 2015


28 April 2015


29 April 2015


30 April 2015


Towards INMS Plenary Partner Meeting

Towards INMS Plenary Partner Meeting

Tenth meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

TFRN Expert Panel on Mitigation of Agricultural Nitrogen

TFRN Expert Panel on Nitrogen Budgets


(11am onwards)

TFRN Expert Panel on Nitrogen and Food


Towards INMS Plenary Partner Meeting

Towards INMS Plenary Partner Meeting

Tenth meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

TFRN Expert Panel on Mitigation of Agricultural Nirtogen (cont.)

TFRN Expert Panel on Nitrogen in EECCA Countries

no meeting

TFRN Closing Plenary (4-5pm)



Joint INMS and TFRN Dinner