TFRN related presentations and other documents

The spreadsheet of ammonia abatement costs as calculated by the GAINS model has been updated in the past few months - this document (version 2b) is now available in the TFRN-5 section, for download.

Decision ECE/EB.AIR/91/Add.1: Establishment of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

  • Informal
    • No. 8 - Guidance Document on Nitrogen Budgets
    • No. 15 - Co-chairs report from TFRN-7 (including resolution from EECCA Ammonia Workshop)
    • Guidance Document on Abating Ammonia Emmissions 
      • No. 20 -  latest version, April 2011
      • No.6 - Aug 2011 version

TFRN Presentations to WGSR by the co-chairs 

WGSR-49 Documents 

1st TFRN Meeting, Wageningen, May 2008

2nd TFRN Meeting, Garmisch, April 2009

3rd TFRN Meeting, Amsterdam, November 2009

4th TFRN Meeting, Prague, May 2010. 

5th TFRN Meeting & Workshop on Ammonia Abatement Costs, Paris, October 2010. 

6th TFRN Meeting, Rome, May 2011

Agenda, background documents and presentations can be found here

7th TFRN Meeting, St Petersburg, Feb/Mar 2012

8th TFRN Meeting, Copenhagen 25th-26th April, 2013

9th TFRN Meeting, Madrid, 25th-26th March, 2014 

EPNB related presentations and other documents

EPMAN related presentations and other documents

EPNF (Expert Panel on Nitrogen and Food) related presentations and other documents