NEBEI Workshop

NEBEI (the Network of Experts on Benefits and Economic Instruments under CLRTAP) will hold a workshop during TFRN-7 (Wednesday 29th Feb).  This will consider how we can further advance the quantification of the effects of air pollutants on ecosystems to make them more meaningful for policy makers .  All TFRN-7 attendees are very welcome to attend, present and debate. The draft agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction to NEBEI
  2. Quantification of effects by policy tools (e.g. GAINS and the CBA tools – what is it appropriate to quantify in each model?)
  3. Integration of ecosystem models with the policy tools and framework
  4. The ecosystem services approach to environmental valuation – can we join up effects modelling with valuation? What do we do when we can’t?
  5. Relevant studies (recently completed, ongoing such as ECLAIRE, or planned)

 Topics to be discussed will include:

  • A brief introduction to the ecosystem services concept
  • The range of pollution effects that would ideally be addressed
  • The availability of data for ecosystem service assessment
  • The role of different models (GAINS, CBA) to inform policy making
  • Reporting effects that cannot be quantified in detail

The session will include a mix of formal presentation and open discussion.  

Anyone wishing to present material at the workshop should contact