TFRN-12: Presentations

TFRN-12 Meetings, June 29-30 2017, Aarhus

Plenary Meeting, Thursday June 29th

Session 1: Introduction & Updates (Chair: Tommy Dalgaard)

Session 2: International activities (Chair: Claudia Cordovil)

Session 3: "Joined up methods for good N management" (Chair: Mark Sutton)

Summary from the OECD and EU workshops in Paris and Brussles, May/Octobe and way forward, Mark Sutton

Final report from the October workshop, Clare Howard

Session 4: Coordination with INMS activities (Chair: Clare Howard)

Session 5: Development of the TFRN Work Plan for 2017-2018 (Chair: Tommy Dalgaard)

  • Summary of process and timeline for Work Plan Alina Novikova
  • Updates on delivery of 2016-2017 Work Plan & Drafting of 2018-2019 Work Plan Tommy Dalgaard, Clare Howard