TFRN-13 & Special Workshop on Ammonia

TFRN-13, with a special focus on ‘Progress on ammonia in the context of the Gothenburg Protocol’ (Ottawa 11th-12th October), followed by an optional visit to the INMS North American Demonstration, Nooksack and Fraser Valley (near Vancouver 13th-14th October)

This year’s meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN-13) will be held in Ottawa, hosted by Environment and Climate Change Canada, and in partnership with NitroPortugal, on the 11-12th October. For your information, TFRN-13 will be preceded by a Workshop on Ammonia (a North American Context) on the 10th. Further, given the importance to TFRN of the linked work under the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS), the TFRN meeting will be followed by an optional field visit to the Nooksack River and Lower Fraser Valley catchments (13th-14th October) to view activities under the INMS North American Demonstration

Here we summarize the goals of the meetings and invite TFRN and INMS communities to mark it in your calendars:

11th-12th October: TFRN-13 - Thirteenth Meeting of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

The TFRN-13 meeting will bring together scientists and policymakers to compare successes, barriers and progress in implementing and assessing ammonia mitigation policies in a session entitled ‘‘Progress with ammonia in the context of the Gothenburg Protocol’. As the Gothenburg Protocol 2020 target rapidly approaches, many Parties to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (the “UNECE Air Convention”) are starting to put in place national legislation, especially to meet committed emissions ceilings. This is therefore a timely opportunity to showcase progress on the most recent policies and to examine whether the air monitoring networks are sufficient to assess the effectiveness of ammonia policies. Presentations are invited from both the TFRN and INMS communities. Offers for presentations should be sent to

The rest of the meeting will provide the opportunity to review the work programme of TFRN, sharing experiences and scoping emerging challenges. It will include dedicated sessions on the Expert Panel on Mitigation of Agricultural Nitrogen (EPMAN) and the Expert Panel on Nitrogen in EECCA Countries (EPN EECCA), together with reporting of progress under the Expert Panel on Nitrogen Budgets (EPNB) and the Expert Panel on Nitrogen and Food (EPNB).  The EPMAN session will work in partnership with Activity 2.3 of INMS on “Integrating measures for good practice across the nitrogen cycle”. Engagement is also planned between the EPN-EECCA Panel and the INMS Eastern Europe Demonstration activity, providing the opportunity to refine the demonstration methodology.

Venue: Diefenbaker Building, 111 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Canada

13th-14th October 2018: Optional field visit to the INMS North American Demonstration, Nooksack and Fraser Valley (near Vancouver).

Please click here for more information on the International Nitrogen Management System (INMS).

Following the TFRN-13 meeting, the INMS North American Demonstration activity will host a short weekend site-visit. The visit is expected to take place on the afternoon of the Saturday and into Sunday morning (finishing around noon).  The field visit will provide the opportunity to see nitrogen management challenges in action, highlighting how citizen engagement has mobilized attention, while linking Canada and USA in a transboundary partnership for better water quality, air quality and lower GHG emissions.

*Please note that we have now confirmed that the field visit to the INMS North American regional demo will also include a visit into the United States. This may impact visa requirements. We are also planning an agenda for those without U.S visas who would still like to join the field visit on the Canadian side only.

10th October: Workshop on Ammonia (North American context)

Preceding the TFRN-13 workshop, on the 10th October, a Workshop on Ammonia (a North American context) will also take place. The workshop will broadly cover three themes: sources, trends and effects of ammonia on air quality and the environment; gaps and challenges in measurement, estimation and understanding of impacts of ammonia and mitigation approaches. Participation in this meeting by TFRN members is welcome, although space is limited and the Government of Canada would appreciate an early indication of interest in this one-day event, including in possibly presenting. Please contact if you would like to register your interest.


Registration for the TFRN-13 meeting is now closed. Please email with any queries.

Meeting Attendance Support

In support of the INMS Eastern European Demo (which engages closely with the TFRN Expert Panel on Nitrogen in Eastern Europe, Central Caucasus and Asia, EPN-EECCA), INMS will support the attendance (through reimbursement) of a small number of individuals (approximately 5). We would also consider supporting individuals who have a connection to the INMS regional demos and/or who are engaged in ammonia policy or research.

Applications for meeting attendance support are now closed. Please contact with any queries.

If you are offered financial support to attend the meeting, but you require a visa for travel, please do not book accommodation or travel until your visa is approved as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cover travel costs should visa applications not be successful.


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The TFRN-13 Meeting is being held in partnership with NitroPortugal.